Selling your property can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow our top tips for vendors.


First impressions count. The majority of potential purchasers will decide whether or not to arrange viewings on your pr operty based on its external appearance. A well maintained property on the outside generally hints to the condition of the property internally. Make sure that lawns are cut regularly and that any trees, hedges or shrubbery are tended to. Use of pots and hanging baskets at the front door will really make a house feel more welcoming.


Potential customers often want to imagine themselves living in your property when they come to view. Tidy away ornaments and personal effects, especially posters or decorations in the bedrooms. Although it may be difficult to do so, distance yourself from the property. Put items that aren’t in everyday use into the attic or storage. Visit a high quality show home to get ideas. You want the presentation to feel homely but not cluttered.


The majority of potential purchasers will look for quality and neutrality in any property they view. Again, viewers will want to imagine themselves in your property and although a ‘loud pink’ lounge may be to your taste it will not appeal to everyone. A neutral palette will allow purchasers to visualise relatively easily how they might put their own stamp on the property.


Walking into a warm bright house will create such a stronger first impression than walking into a dark colder one. Set your heating to come on in advance of the viewing. Adequately light every room in your property even if this means putting the lights on during the day. Remember that your property is an unfamiliar environment to the viewer and they will want to see exactly what is on offer.


The market has changed dramatically over the past few months. Traditionally one might expect to put their house on the market for more than they expected to achieve in order to leave some room for negotiation. This is no longer an effective strategy. With so much information available to buyers and so many properties to choose from, quite often they simply won’t consider or view a property which looks overpriced. Reducing price later then sends a negative message out and can raise red flags with buyers. In recent months we have numerous examples that prove the importance of accurate pricing from the outset and how a small margin can make a big difference.


There are lots of marketing tools available to us and sometimes the choice can be confusing. Make sure your agent is up to speed with the best and most effective marketing tools to make your house stand out from the crowd.

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